Cherry blossom of Wanizuka (English Version)

I’m Kajio!

The second blog posts about cherry blossoms.
It is a cherry blossom tree which is also a symbol of Japan, but there are various places all over the country.
I would like to write about the place I can see the most favorite cherry blossoms.

It is the first time to write English articles.
I think that there is also a place where expression is wrong, so I apologize in advance.

Cherry blossom tree of Wanizuka

I will post photos before detailed explanation of cherry blossoms.

It is amazing.
I was touched very much by seeing the cherry blossoms.
Since then, I am looking forward to the cherry blossom season every year.

The author wrote this article on 16-Feb-2019.
I can hardly wait.
(In Japan, cherry blossoms will bloom around April)

History of becoming to see the cherry blossoms

I was not interested until I saw this cherry blossom tree. I was watching cherry blossoms for the purpose of gathering together. The author has lived in Yamanashi Prefecture. I heard that cherry blossom trees rumor, but I never actually saw it. My friend invited me to go to the cherry blossom tree again and again. I decided to go see the cherry blossom tree with my friend introduction.

I thought that there would be no use at that time. But, when I saw the cherry blossom tree I understood that what I was thinking at the time was wrong…

Path to cherry blossom tree

After joining my friend at Kofu station, we headed by car. From Kofu station to Wanizuka’s cherry blossom tree it was around 30 to 40 minutes. As we headed towards Nagano on route 20, the cherry blossom tree have gradually come into sight. About 5 minutes walking from the parking lot the cherry blossom tree stood in front of us.

I was terribly moved!

The following song was flowing in my head.
- SAKURA Drops / Hikaru Utada

There are many songs about cherry blossoms in Japan.
I like the above songs the most among them.

I will briefly explain the cherry blossom tree of Wanizuka as follows.

  • Estimated age of this tree is 300 years old
  • The circumference of the tree trunk is 3.6m
  • The height of the tree is 17m.
  • Types of cherry blossoms are EdohiganZakura
  • Designated natural monument of Nirasaki city, Yamanashi prefecture

624, Kitamiyachi, Kamiyama-Cho, Nirasaki City, Yamanashi Prefecture, 〒407-0042

Traffic access

  • Nearest interchange (I.C):Central Expressway Nirasaki I.C (20 minutes by car)
  • Nearest station:JR Chuo Line Nirasai Station (15 minutes by taxi)
  • Nearest bus stop: Get off at Takeda Hachiman Entrance (5 minutes on foot)

Absolutely visit when you go to Yamanashi in the spring!!!!

Yamanashi has lots of sightseeing spots. I might write in another article.